20 Unique Ways to Fundraise for Missions

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

-Philippians 4:19

We work with a lot different mission trips and organizations that all face the common challenge of raising enough money for their teams.  While many teams have their members send out letters to friends and family, asking for support, some team members may still have trouble raising the amount they need.

Here are 20 unique fundraising ideas to help your team stay in the black:

1)      Host a group garage sale. The more stuff, the better, so join forces to make your garage sale a success.

2)      Do a 50-50 raffle. Sell tickets to friends and family for $2 each.  The winner gets to keep half of the total, and the other half goes toward your trip.

3)      Do a photo-shoot. Do you have an aspiring photographer on your team? Offer to do discount photo shoots and provide a disc with all of the photos.

4)      Teens—do laundry for a month for your family. A tedious job, but someone has to do it—and your mom will be glad it’s not her.

5)      Put on a concert. If you have a few talented musicians on your team, have them play on a Friday night at church or another local venue. The other team members can sell tickets and serve snacks to attendees.

6)      Offer to clean your neighbor’s house. Get your clean on, and take the opportunity to tell them about your trip.

7)      Do a gift-card raffle. Collect donated gift cards from local businesses and restaurants. Then raffle off the whole bundle. Talk to your local grocery store about selling raffle tickets to customers.

8)      Host a Parent’s Night Out. Whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or just a random Saturday night, parents always appreciate a good babysitter.

9)      Personally ask close friends and family members for support. A quick phone call can give your friends and family a chance to ask questions and you a way to personalize your request for support.

10)   Host a cake auction. Have groups of team members bake and decorate the most tasty or creative cake they can think up. Then, invite family and friends to bid on each cake. This is a great chance to tell people more about your trip and enjoy some yummy treats!  (Some areas will require team members to get a food handler’s license.)

11)   Do a restaurant fundraiser. You’ve got to eat anyway, right? Many restaurants offer a percentage of the proceeds to groups for a night.

12)   Sell roses at church on Mother’s Day. Encourage your church to do a little extra something for Mom and support missions at the same time.

13)   Sell Avon. Do you know someone who sells Avon or Mary Kay? Ask them about how to sell beauty products as a fundraiser for your team.

14)   Make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards to sell. This is a great one if you have some team members with excellent scrapbooking abilities.

15)   Throw a three-legged-race-a-thon. Have each pair of team members collect pledges for the number of “laps” they complete with their legs tied together. Then, invite all of your supporters to come out and watch.

16)   Offer to do yard work for a neighbor or friend. Don’t forget to tell them why you’re raising money.

17)   Do a service auction. Auction each team member off to do yard work, running a garage sale, cleaning house, car washing for a month, personal shopping services, a few nights of babysitting, etc.

18)   Run in a local race. Collect pledges for every mile you run.

19)   Ask 10 coworkers for $10 each. You might be surprised at how many people in your office are happy to support your trip.

20)   Volunteer at a wedding. Do you know someone who is getting married? Offer to serve cake or dinner as a team.

What are some creative ways you or your team members have raised money for missions? Tell us about them in the comments.

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