New Features for ManagedMissions.com

First off, thank you for your support of ManagedMissions.com and for your feedback about the app as it has grown this past year. As a non-profit software company, we are always excited to be able to offer new features and even better usability to our fantastic users.

With the beginnings of short term mission season underway, we have been hard at work to improve the app to make this year’s trip management even more efficient for you. (Many of these new features were suggested by you on our support forum, so thank you!)

Here’s a little bit about what was included in yesterday’s update to ManagedMissions.com.

As a Leader now you can:

  • Mark emergency contacts as parents, and optionally add parents of participants to emails.
  • Set passport name separate from team member name, if for instance a team member goes by a different name that you want to remember.
  • Enter phone numbers in whatever format you like best as well as add international numbers.
  • Add new “Default Documents” and Links to new and existing trips.
  • Configure “Default Tasks” with a default due date (like 30 days before the trip leaves).
  • Print a PDF report called The Travel Roster which has all team members’ essential info nicely formatted for quick reference (perfect to bring with you on your trip).
  • See your Income Account, Expense Account, and Purpose Code (if applicable) on the “Trip Details Page.”
  • Track how many team members have verified their profile information.

Also, Team Members can now:

  • Edit and/or verify profile information (team leaders will be notified when profile information is updated or verified and can also choose to disable this feature).

If you have ideas for ways we can continue to improve ManagedMissions.com, we’d love to hear about them! Just visit our support forum here.

We are so privileged to work in concert with what missions leaders, organizations, churches and individuals are doing around the world, and we look forward to hearing about what God does through the Church body in 2012. We’d love to keep in touch as your trips progress, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ManagedMissions and on Facebook.

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